Alcohol – A Energy Point of View to Create Emotional Choices – The Power of Your Spirit

This is a energy point and how alcohol affects a person emotional spirit in their life. There are two parts to this article one is about affects of drinking and how it changes your energy flow through the body and its ability to feel. The second part is how to enhance your emotion spirit force to aid in your recovery.

The first part is a review of the affects of drinking alcohol on a persons emotional abilities and the affects, on a persons life energy force within their body. The second is how to create choices to over come the physical, mental and spirit affects of drinking alcohol within your relationships between you and others. Realizing the affects of alcohol in your interactions within your self and with others and how under the influence, alcohol created judgement that has to be undone and then replaced so a person in recovery can be warmer to others as an expression and receive warmth. To recover from alcohol is about becoming stronger mentally, physically and spiritually that changes a persons emotional connection to them self and their feeling connection to others that is no longer base on past judgement that was developed under alcohol.

Giving up alcohol judgement with its develop emotional connection is painful for the change leaves a hole in a persons history of development of enjoyment for them self. Making a hole in your past from not drinking is a challenge and full of regrets but being in the now and creating your spirit being projected to others that comes back to you in the most positive way through interaction is worth it to others and your self. Strength in your spirit is the primary force to connect to the body then to the mind so you can feel within your behavior without alcohol. Realizing spirit is the greatest damage from alcohol and its the hardest to understand and realize the effects in recovery. Most people do not work directly to strengthen spirit force but it is done more indirectly within doing other things to recover your God give spirit. Having clarity of the spirit force and how it comes together as force of action when a person is working in the here and now.

To recover is bring the level of ones strength between mind, body and spirit which is breath to higher level bring about a strong sense of the mind and body connection within interaction with others. The affect of ones breath forming ability can not be over stated to understand the need to develop core/breathing in its many forms to off set the physical cell damage from alcohol and change old habits. Finding ways to increase the bodies ability to feel in its many forms, affects a person ability to change to be positive in their life and express it and be close emotionally to others through judgement.

First thing is an understanding of the physical changes that occur as person drinks and slowly become drunk which in time, if repeated turns into a habit where person feels the need for alcohol. There are so many reasons people develop the taste for alcohol given how many different types of alcohol. Within each person the affects of consuming alcohol affects their body differently, which conditions the mind within the act of drinking to the emotions the body is producing that goes with the events that surrounds person that their emotions attach too. When drinking alcohol during social events or seating home and watching TV or just listening to music affects your energy production by lower it which changes the level of feeling ability to be lower. Drinking alcohol lowers the bodies ability to work with its physical energy and the affects persons physical strength which affects your bodies ability to feel physically.

One of the reasons people drink is to lower physical stress in the shoulders and relaxes the body then mind. Alcohol alters a person sense of being while they are interacting with others around them and this interaction is the foundation to become addicted for ones stress is lower through alcohol but its not real without alcohol so the person does not control of stress but a drug does. Changing ones feeling of stress or sense of emotional weakness that comes with stress feeling that are base on ideas within thoughts that person has learned with drinking alcohol. Responsibilities in life is a big emotional deal and how person view it comes with how they learned it and if alcohol was part of growing up and person learning how to deal with emotions then it a hard road not to drink.

Alcohol influences the physical bodies chemistry down to the level of the cells, where a persons energy productions and the ability of energy flowing through the cells are restricted (the influence of alcohol at the cell level in relationship to energy flowing in a complex one. On one hand it restricts flow but on the other hand it affect energy flow in another way where it enhance flow. Energy flow is pressure and when there is restriction it finds other why to move which create new channels for energy for energy flow, that are not normal. Ones energy force is on going and has to be channeled in some way or reduced). Because of alcohol affecting cells ability to transmit energy which has a long term emotional retarding affect within persons behavior and mental emotional state. Alcohol is a numbing chemical which affects your energy and as you drink and the more you drink the greater the affect on your spirit. Energy and spirit are interlink with breathing and alcohol affects your ability to breathe and that affects your emotional ability for emotional attachment. Alcohol makes person self centered emotionally around his alcohol where others take a back seat to his bottle of alcohol for its what he worships with his spirit of life.

Alcohol emotionally replaces people and becomes a persons emotional attachment and all other people serve that attachment to the alcoholic. To a alcoholic, alcohol is the emotional center to their life and it just come first in thoughts and behavior and emotional attachment. They have only one emotional love and that is alcohol and they are trap in their behavior driven by alcohol. They will spend hours in bar drinking which replaces personal responsibility to family. People in the family have to adjust to the alcoholic emotional demands which is to serve them when they are drunk. You can not trust a drunk for their words are meaningless because their words are in the spirit of alcohol.

When a person becomes alcoholic they replace their God given spirit with the alcohol induce spirit. To recover its about finding ideas and techniques that make your spirit stronger so it can replace the learned alcohol behavior spiritual. What makes alcohol so damaging is within 24 hours its out of the system but the damage on the cell level does not repair it self over time and the emotional damage stays on.

The emotional develop expression at social event under the influence of alcohol can not be repeated with out alcohol so it create a real social emotional conflict on not know how to act and feel at the same time to enjoy the event. So when your having fun and enjoying them self and consuming alcohol, the affects how you relate to your self having fun will be different then if you never taken a drink. For it changes your ability to feel within an event and then leaves a imprint on your being that can not be repeated with out drinking alcohol. So your developing a alcohol spirit in having fun and your God given spirit is not part of the fun and enjoyment. Your creating two different emotional realities, one with out alcohol and one with alcohol. Keep that in mind for recovery, for you have to train your mind, body and spirit to be one person creating your emotional reality when your at a fun event and interaction with others.

Alcohol bonds with water, so alcohol will be part of every cell in the body, to some level. Since alcohol bonds with water so it affects electrical ability of the cells by lessening energy flow through which as the affect of lower your physical feeling ability. The long term affect of consuming alcohol is cell dehydration were its ability to transmit energy flow slows down or not at all and that affect makes a person emotionally cold for they will live in the past. There is no real benefit to long term drinking but a huge lose of life experiences and emotional reality experience abilities. Your life spirit is replaced over time where your world moves around your addiction to alcohol for its your first emotional love for its emotionally comforting.

Here is rule, the younger a person starts to drink the greater the emotional damage and ability to relate to others emotionally and them self within the interaction. You damage your God give spirit by replacing it with the alcohol spirit and that becomes your purpose of life.

Alcohol affects your judgement abilities thereby it affects your purpose in life. If drinking alcohol affects judgement then your decisions are base around alcohol influences that affects emotional judgment and attachments with person emotional spirit. Making enough judgements under the influence of alcohol it become your process to judging thinking around you and emotional relationships. If something affects your judgement and you act on that judgement it becomes your emotional reality. When you physically act on your judgement your acting in emotional way so your decision become your emotions and that will be you. So what you express when you are drunk that is you now but repeated enough that will be you all the time even when your not drunk. The term dry drunk comes into play here, that is the long term affect of drinking.

The physical, mental and spiritual damage that is caused by drinking alcohol can be seen around you in movies and if you look to books there are so many of them on alcohol and the damage. There is information on alcohol and its damage to families, physical health is so large it is not reasonable to drink. But drinking is an emotional venture, it changes your normal emotional spirit and that is the power of the experience of drinking alcohol.

The second part is how to make your physical energy spirit stronger within your program to recover your God give spirit and purpose. How much physical damage has been done to the body and brain affects the physical part of recovery but the spirit recovery has no limits. Do not under estimate your power to change your judgement and your emotional abilities and enjoyment what you have now by developing your spirit for that can help over come regret. Life is about what you creating now and how you are enjoying and developing the emotional content within your responsibilities that you chose to create. The old saying, it is not about what you have but what you over came in life that is valuable. Life is a challenge to work and develop your emotional spirit within what you do in life with your responsibilities to live.

When a person choose to change from the alcohol emotional spirit behavior, they are going on a emotional journey that is challenging and there has to be a program to give values or relearn values to create from your emotional energy spirit. To replace their alcoholic emotional spirit by recovering your own God given spirit, begins with understanding at some level the emotional physical spirit damage. Finding ideas, concepts and techniques, methods that affect their personal emotional spirit reality and then develop it, into their life that replaces the alcohol emotional spirit. Change is about replacement and not just reacting to it. Programs are key component for person to learn to change and making good choices and develop emotional values. Finding the programs that affect you takes judgement to use the ideas within each program to change your values to life and emotional behavior to your self and others for keep in mind its about interaction and the emotional feeling being projected during the interaction.

This program is to add to all of the other programs that work on aiding person to make judgement decisions with out alcohol influence and feel the physical spirit that is you and what you work from in life. Realizing your a physical spirit being by feeling the flow of energy through out your body is experience that can be repeated but will always feel and be different for person is more then they think in thoughts. First realization is the force within the power of core/breathing that goes to and relate to person internal force development that engages the mind and body coordinating connection. Look to breathing forms as force that works from the internal side of person with the mind and body for to create the breath is working the torso to some level and the more you work the torso the more energy force.

This program is about creating emotional choices by using your spirit to affect the brain and body to change your emotional reality connection to life interaction with others and yourself. Drinking is choice in the beginning but then turns into a compulsion. Your emotional spirit has changed for what is a compulsion, but a lot of energy build up in the body and then it is releases through behavior with alcohol and then relaxation and calmness. Keep in mind the word calmness for recovery for with calmness new direction will be seen and realized and developing techniques that create emotional, physical state of calmness gives clarity in ones emotional state. Meditation and through some form of meditating for short period of time each day and in some way creates calmness that affect persons judgment abilities and can be refined so new judgement direction can be seen. Part of recovery is develop ways to create calmness where thoughts are second to feeling physically and projecting calmness. Calmness has to be projected to be affective in changing a persons emotional states. Just developing calmness for short period of time is nice and helpful but only when person realizes ability to project calmness is the full affect of that state of being, can be felt and used in life. The old saying when you use something then you know it then. Otherwise calmness is thought process and is not part of persons emotional make up everyday.

Keep in mind, alcohol is define as spirits in licenses to sale alcohol for when you drink you replace your spirit with the alcohol spirit. Here is question for people that are starting to drink. What would you lose as an experience of life, if you never taken a drink of alcohol in your life. Then what will you gain if you drink is the other side of the question? To be real about your decision to drink or not to drink, look at the affects of people that have become addicted to alcohol so if you drink, your taking a risk that you can become addicted to alcohol. So drinking alcohol is a physical, mental and emotional risk to become addicted to alcohol with all the loses to your self and others around you. To be a alcoholic just does not affect one person but it hurts other people that care and love you. All alcohol does is lowers the ability to feel and think within events of life and your spirit to life. You just do not do has much in life emotionally with alcohol as your spirit. Remember your a spirit being within a physical body creating choice to develop one self and realize your life.

If you have fallen to alcohol and have become alcoholic and have made the choice to change the challenge is creating choices to develop your emotional behavior reality judgement in your everyday interaction with others. Finding ideas, concepts and methods that have physical techniques that helps you recover from the physical and emotional damages of consuming alcohol and your loss of your ability to love. Only with your own spirit can you love and find the emotional behavior that projects your feeling around you and that takes time and effort to learn how to feel again. Alcohol has damage their body to feel warmth from others so the mind makes up things.

Approach to recovery from alcohol, and even other drugs, has to be a blend of three primal forces that interact that gives us are abilities to be emotional spirit creative beings. The three basic element words are mind, body and spirit within a persons behavior. Alcohol affects all three elements that composes the creative personality and their ability to create their emotional reality in life. There is no emotional life out side of alcohol for the alcoholic that is reality.

The most powerful ideas and concepts to affect recovery and enhance persons emotional attachment to life is around the development of a persons spiritual forces within, to be express through emotional behavior. Through spiritual development affects and influence emotional ideas in the mind (that has been damage from alcohol judgement) that affects decision in physical development and emotional behavior. One of the great forces of being a spiritual being is are ability to pray and feel the affects within a prayer. How you pray within prayer is a force that affects person sense of life and recovering a person spirit of being emotional with judgment and development to others. Praying is natural for its a spirit ability and finding the way to pray is learned to affect energy flow and feeling within prayer which setup the level positive force to feel physically.

Realize the physical damage caused by drinking and being drunk and becoming a alcoholic takes lot of work to recover your energy abilities again to a level that lets a person create emotional attachments out side the range that alcohol limits them. This is physical work, directed by the mind that affects energy production and flow that lets the body feel again with person spirit. Enhancing your physically feeling ability is part of recovery and it takes lot of mental focus to reconnect the mind to the body, then expressing that feeling which is creating new emotional energy channels in physical exercise and walking. Walking is natural act that reflects a person emotional state for people walk with emotions being projected through feelings of the body movement. How you walk is big deal and changing how you walk is changing your emotional feeling being projected. There is sad, mad and happy walking movement that others can see for your projecting these emotional state through movement of the body during walking. So walking and creating a new emotional state to be projected is experience of development.

Suggestion; understand the word spirit from a mental point of view, a physical point of view and energy point of view for it takes all of them to bring human spirit into focus and use. Each point of view has to be seen connected to the other in order to be useful in recovery from alcohol. If you take recovery from alcohol as a personal adventure into truth and responsibility that develops their personal emotions spirit through testing them self in the most positive way, so person realize and develops judgement with action to others and them self.

Note about aging, the older you get the future become less and your mentally relive your past. So what you have done and what you over came in life, either will put smile on your face or sadness will be your everyday feeling. The more and hard you work to create your emotional development can be, if directed effectively will create rewards far above what you think now. Finding methods that affect you in your stages of recovery and personal development take judgement base on purpose. Here is the question and the clearer you have of the answer the more affective within time spent. What emotional reality do you want to create within your self and while interaction with other on daily bases with the time you have left in life.

The word spirit is rooted in the word breath, breathing and to breathe for its energy that composes a persons spirit. The ideas of a persons spirit has history connection to breath and breathing and understanding this history creates choices to affect ones spirit physically. There is Qi Gong, Chic Gong and Zen breathing all relates to the development of spirit by shaping persons breathing and person directive mental state. Singing affects persons spirit to recover from alcoholism. There is whole lot of ideas to explore that can affect you in energy and spirit that lets person to become stronger. Ideas of being is very much part of recovery for they have to fill your head with life and about life and people that love you. You learn about your self through others around you otherwise you do not know your self.

Here is rule if you want to recover from alcoholism. You change through becoming stronger physically internally through breath development and energy flow that affects your emotional abilities. Being clear here, it is physical strength internally from the core and breathing from the core movement, a person needs to change to affect emotions within the development of strength from within your internal feeling that sets up the affects of changing to be positive that over comes the affects from being a alcoholic which is negative in feeling development and connection. Internal strength exercises to become emotionally stronger enhances a person ability to be positive and enjoy their life and being a human being. Judgement and better judgement to become morally stronger comes with being physically stronger within what you due daily in life interacting with others. Here is internal fact, negative emotions will make the body weak. One reason is it change persons breath range and makes it shorter and with less breath less endurance.

The power of core/breathing is central for strength that let person have more choices to create and develop their emotional connection to physical movement. As a exercise walking can be an experience that let a person enhance their physical connection to the mental emotional state by changing stress in shoulder and tension in muscles feeling through out the body while walking. Change your stress and you change your emotional reality. So you have to find techniques that affect stress in shoulders that free up energy and affect the flow energy in the body to enhance feeling.

The approach for males to recover from alcoholism is different then from females for the end is the same but the approach to be affective should be look at differently. Example is males are physical to emotional and females are emotional to physical, so strength is the key but its two different type of development with emotional attitudes within the development of physical exercise to connect to emotional feeling within the body

I like to introduce and new idea or concept to aid person to recover from alcohol addiction within their program. This is base on energy point of view. People have three energy flowing channels and how you affect one influence the other two. There is what you can see the nerves system. The next is what you can not see the acupuncture system or the pressure points through out the body that affect energy flow and feeling and health. The new idea that person can play with to aid in recovery is created by the person them self. I call it the physical emotional energy channels that person use to express their emotional state all the time. Person learns to develop their emotional physical energy channels to express their emotions to other around them and other read them. When you change your emotional energy channels you change your feeling about interaction with life. Walking is emotional event so how you walk is reflection of your emotion mood in the now. Person as the ability to create their emotions and then express it by feeling their body in walking. It is not the only way to affect person emotional energy channels.

Emotional energy channels is physical and its on going with your body tension emitting energy directed by your mental state. Ones emotional energy channel shapes a persons physical body and its movement is to project emotional energy around them. How you shape your body affects your emotional projection ability so by changing your body shape that affects muscle tension within that shape and through core/breathing and mind creating attitude, a person can create a different emotional reality experience within that new shape. This idea uses mind, body and breath, energy build to spirit as a strengthening force to give person a choices to change once they know what to change too.

The development of powerful breathing from the core which affects the whole torso and expands range within the torso that affects persons emotional strength. It is torso strength that is the primary strength then arms and hands and legs and feet. But it all begins in the center of your body and the center of the core. Energy and strength are connected and begins in the center of the core and then goes up to the arms and head or down to legs, feet and toes. The mind directs the energy and strength that the core produces.

The more you move the core to create your breath the greater your physical strength and energy for you are lessening atrophy of the muscles within the torso. Look at your breathing in different emotional states. Breathing is a support of your emotional state so how you change your breathing during events in life affects your emotional reality.

There is so much more about a person spirit, so keep a open mind with judgement and purpose and do not waste your time and energy in life its short in supply. Warning: Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.

This program and ideas is base on the fact that humans are a spiritual being having a human experience. By being spiritual being, people can create choices within their spirit through their interaction in life and their purpose and judgements. Keep in mind spirit is only one part interacting with the other two parts. Mind. body and spirit (breath and energy). The importance of developing core/breathing to enhance person internal connection to mind and body and strength physically and emotionally should be a major part of recovery for its the spirit side of change in life.